Who’s working on your solution? This is often a cause of anguish for many clients. As a more personalised agency, we have a distinct advantage over our competitors. At Solutions Plus, you always work with the owner of the agency. Not another account manager, or a junior, but an experienced marketing professional who is directly involved in all projects and has a genuine interest in a healthy collaboration between the client and the agency.

We work in the communications industry so our services flow across all elements of marketing and design covering the complete communications field. We are able to manage large workloads and still provide exceptional work.

Effective communication with your target market requires having the correct strategy as a starting point. Giving life to the strategy, in the form of advertising is secondary. This order is crucial and often misunderstood.


What we can help with… A solid and creative marketing strategy is applied to all projects. Ranging from a new logo design, through to the production of a television commercial and everything in between.

Press, television, radio, print advertising
Strategic Marketing
Logo Design
Social Media
Outdoor Signage
Direct marketing
Catalogue Design
Graphic Illustrations

Brand Development
Website Development
Digital Marketing
Multi Media
Competition Development
Public Relations
Photographic services
Media Planning & Booking


Clients we’ve worked with


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Robert Stocco B.Com
Director – Solutions Plus Advertising & Marketing

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